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Environ is an educational game that puts students in the role of a decision maker. The game is set in near-future Earth, and the player must make difficult and complex choices to improve the Earth’s environment while increasing economic prosperity. Resources are limited, so the player must deeply analyze different courses of action while creating a more sustainable world. Environ is still in development, but you can download and play the Alpha version by clicking the link below:

Play the Alpha Version




The College of Fine Arts offers “Visual and Performing Arts” (VAPA) courses required for all undergraduate majors, resulting in large class sizes. Some of these classes, including ARH 303, require visits to sites such as museums so that students can experience art and artifacts in situ. The iBeacons: Scaling and Enhancing Location-Based Learning and Aesthetic Experiences project investigates the use of iBeacons, low cost Bluetooth emitters, mobile app technology and the Canvas LMS to solve the problem of humans required to be docents for students in the Blanton Museum. The goal of the project is to know time spent by students in the museum each week, what they see in the museum, and the ability to push contextually appropriate content to the them when visiting. This will also provide valuable data to the instructors, allowing them to learn about the museum experience using the combined data of the entire class.



Heart Health

Heart failure (HF) affects 6 million Americans today, with the proportion rising to 11% in those who are 80 years or older. HF costs the nation an estimated $32 billion each year. The inability of persons with HF to self-manage their conditions has contributed to poor outcomes of HF, resulting in more visits in hospitals. We are developing a game for cultivating HF individuals’ self-care knowledge and efficacy using iPads and improve their engagement in HF self-management activities.


Past Projects


Math Apps

A series of interactive activities for the edX course Effective Thinking Through Mathematics taught by UT Austin professor Michael Starbird. Additionally, we created the animations for the course’s trailer video:
Course Trailer




Course Transformation

Videos, animations, websites, and interactive activities in support of the UT Austin Course Transformation Program. Visit the UTAustinBiology Youtube channel to see the full list of videos, or click the link below to watch a sample.
Intro to Photosynthesis




Digital Media Institute

SAGA Lab used to be called the Digital Media Institute (DMI). We created various multimedia to promote the program and showcase our work. Click the link below to watch DMI’s promotional video.
DMI Video


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