You want to vote!  But you have questions about voting – BeVote has the answers.  BeVote is your election companion.


  • BeVote, is your one stop shop for nonpartisan voter information
  • Find out what’s on this year’s ballot
  • Find out how you can register to vote using BeVote
  • Set automatic reminders to vote on your calendar
  • Learn what you can and can’t bring to the polls
  • Save time by using BeVote to find actual wait times at polling stations


Version 3.0 available now!

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This app is proudly sponsored by:

  • Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life
  • Cockrell School of Engineering
  • College of Liberal Arts
  • College of Natural Sciences
  • Division of Diversity and Community Engagement
  • McCombs School of Business
  • Moody College of Communications
  • Office of the Vice-President for Student Affairs
  • SAGA Lab
  • TX Votes
  • University of Texas Libraries
  • University of Texas Student Government

Special thanks to:

Paul Toprac, Hannah Wojciehowski, Susan Nold, Melissa Huebsch, Lisa Hayes, Cole Wilson, and last but certainly not least Kassie Phebillo

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updated Apr 17, 2020