Jessica Lin Pic
“Working with the team at SAGA Lab and its clients taught me the importance of communication and cooperation in the workplace. The project we took on was challenging in terms of expectations and the sheer magnitude of the project, but it turned out to be one of the most exciting and meaningful learning experience I’ve had. The supervisors and I worked through many challenges within the 3 months and ultimately delivered a product that the client was extremely satisfied with.”

— Jessica Lin, Student Staff, College of Fine Arts, Design



Brandon Torio Pic
“While classes give plenty of technical knowledge, SAGA Lab gives the invaluable opportunity to actually apply that various knowledge in a team environment.”

— Brandon Torio, Student Staff, RTF & Computer Science



Juan Figueroa
“SAGA Lab made me a better designer/developer and it initiated my journey as a creative leader. I love digital media, and I would have never known that without the program’s open environment which allowed me to foster my creativity. The program exposed me to an unforeseen passion and lead me to be a unique leader in my field. Now I’m not just a healthcare practitioner, but also a healthcare creative leader.”

— Juan Figueroa, Student Staff, Public Health & Biostatistics



Julia Paquarelia Pic
“I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to work for SAGA Lab. Collaborating with my talented co-workers and managers to create educational technology was an invaluable experience. I was not only able to get applicable work experience as a student, but was also able to learn and hone many digital skills that will, no doubt, be very useful in my future.”

— Julia Pasquarelia, Student Staff, Biology



Lynn Vuong Pic
“My time at SAGA Lab was truly invaluable because it introduced me to the world of digital media. The types of projects we developed taught me how design can be used as a teaching tool. From the skills I learned during that time, to the unending support around me from like-minded peers, all of it were irreplaceable. For me, the entire experience has shaped my career and where I am today.”

— Lynn Vuong, Student Staff, Studio Art



Weston Selleck Pic
“SAGA Lab was the single biggest factor driving my growth as a developer in the year that I was there. As my interests as a developer changed, I was able to shift focus at SAGA Lab and work on things more relevant to my interests. I also learned so much about working in a team both from a general teamwork standpoint and from a software development specific standpoint that I otherwise wouldn’t have learned until I got thrown into a different job that may have been less forgiving of my inexperience at the time. It provided a unique environment for putting the skills I was learning in school to use that is just hard to find when you’re still a student.”

— Weston Selleck, Student Staff, Computer Science



Angie Murphy Pic
“My time at SAGA Lab has been the highlight of my college experience! I’ve learned what it is like to work on a large project and collaborate with an amazing team. I now feel more confident in approaching future opportunities because of the development experience I’ve gained here.”

— Angie Murphy, Student Staff, Computer Science